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What is the gift certificate registry?

   The Minucci Travel Gift Certificate Registry works just like any other bridal registry. Instead of - or in addition to - a traditional registry for china, silverware, etc, you can establish a registry with Minucci Travel so friends and family can buy travel gift certificates to help make your dream honeymoon come true.

   How does it work?

   The first step is finding the perfect honeymoon destination at the lowest possible price. To find that harmonious match, call Minucci Travel at 1-800-646-8224. If you book your honeymoon with Minucci Travel, Inc., your name and honeymoon package can be listed on our Web site Honeymoon Gift Certificate Registry at no charge. You may add more information to this listing for the small service fee of $25. Click here to find out how to purchase gift certificates to be applied toward a dream honeymoon.

   What if I've already booked my honeymoon?

    Even if you've already made your honeymoon reservations, you can still sign up for our registry and receive cash value of the gift certificates purchased through us. The following terms and agreements apply.

If you do not book your honeymoon with Minucci Travel, Inc., a Honeymoon Gift Certificate Registry registration fee of $125.00 will be charged. This fee entitles you to the following:

Web site listing of your name, honeymoon destination, date of shower, and e-mail contact for your shower information.

Fifty attractive gift certificate order cards to hand out to friends and family, shipped to your home.

The first 25 gift certificates mailed to your home.

Space on our Web site to post your wedding and honeymoon pictures for a limited time. Friends and family can enjoy viewing pictures long before you get your album together.

At the time of registration, you must inform Minucci Travel of all honeymoon information: total cost, final payment date, destination information, etc., the date you will be redeeming your gift certificate and the name of the person to receive the total cash value of gift certificates.

In order for you to receive cash value of gift certificates you must redeem each and all gift certificates on or before the due date you specified. Sign the back of each certificate. Also, fill out, date and sign the gift certificate Cash Back Form. Once Minucci Travel, Inc., receives these documents, we will issue the person named one check for the total value of all the certificates sent to be redeemed. The check will be mailed to the address given at the time of registration.

   Additional Charges:

Set of 25 additional gift certificate order cards - $5.00/set (includes handling and shipping to your home address).

Additional gift certificates -- $1.00/each (includes handling and shipping to your home address).

An additional fee of $10.00 will be collected for each additional check issued once the due date for gift certificates to be redeemed has passed. This fee will be charges to cover shipping and handling regardless of how many gift certificates are redeemed each time a check must be cut after the specified redemption date. Each certificate must be signed to redeem it, and certificates submitted must be accompanied by a dated, signed Cash Back Form.

  How do I order Gift Certificates?

   Those who book their honeymoon with Minucci Travel, Inc., can register to order forms in the following ways: 

Call us at our main office 1-800-646-8224

For individual gift certificates, click here to access our Mailing Form.

For those hosting a bridal shower, click here to request a Honeymoon Celebration Packet. We'll send you everything you need to offer your guests the option of giving Honeymoon Gift Certificates.

Click here to purchase a Honeymoon Gift Certificate.



   With our best wishes, Minucci Travel offers you the gift of your very own spot on our Web site to display your wedding and honeymoon photos.


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